Saturday, January 5, 2013

Online Luke Bible Study

I just love Bible studies!  I especially love ones done with other people.  I need that interaction and encouragement.  I need to be kept accountable.  I really just like someone else to talk with about the Bible.  Sometimes another person will see something that I don't.  I feel like my eyes are opened more when I have someone to study with. 

So, back in September, I found Good Morning Girls.  It is a website all about online Bible studies.  I was jumping for joy (in my heart anyway)!  I had left my church 2 years prior, so I hadn't had an opportunity to do a Bible study.  I joined a facebook group of single women and was on my way to reading Colossians for the first time!  And then about a week before the study, I felt God tugging at my heart to create my own facebook group.  GMG was looking for more leaders.  Now, despite having no idea what I was doing, I jumped in.  I created a facebook group and studied Colossians with over 20 ladies! 

After Colossians, GMG did an Advent study for 4 weeks.  There weren't as many members that time, and we were all quite busy with all the busy-ness that occurs between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

Now, GMG is doing a Luke study called Living Like Jesus.  We will be studying Luke 1-8.  I have decided to lead again, but now the group has grown to 53!  We still have a week left, so that number will continue to increase.  Very soon I will be making that group into 2 separate groups, one a little larger than the other, as some prefer more people, and others prefer less people.  There are just so many ladies looking to dive into God's word in 2013, and I couldn't and wouldn't turn anyone down! 

Are you looking to dive into God's word too?  Check out all the info from GMG here: Living Like Jesus Luke 1-8 Study.

If you decide you'd like to participate, I'd love to have you in my group!  Here is the link to my group: Sisters in Christ.

Forever His,

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