Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Plan to Be Frugal

I came across a blog post on How to Be Frugal, which lists 50 tips on how to be frugal.  I looked through them and many of them definitely seemed achievable and worth my time.  So I decided that I would pick one new money habit for each month in 2013. 

In January, I have decided to keep my credit cards off-limits.  I have two store cards in addition to my regular Visa.  The two store cards I am pretty ok with, but it is the regular Visa that I really need to work on.  When I have many places to shop and don't feel like writing down my purchases in my checkbook, I will just use my credit card and decide to "figure it out later". 

Well, I have decided in 2013 to be more aware of my finances, so "figuring it out later" isn't an option.  Here are some of the habits I plan on implementing in 2013, in no particular order:

-Only buy what is on my shopping list
-Wait 24 hours before buying anything
-Seriously coupon and use a price sheet
-Make only one shopping trip per week
-Make a coffee fund/budget per week or per month
-Find recipes that are cheap to make
-Grow my own food
-Transfer credit card debt and come up with a plan to tackle it
-Search for free samples
-Use only cash
-Make freezer meals (February?)

What are some frugal tips you have?

Forever His,

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